Here are some on my favorite web sites:

MyDogSpace-A place for dogs

WhatsMyDog-Guess your dog's breed

MyDarnDog-a showcase of pets in all their destructive glory.

Iditarod-the dogsled race across Alaska

Dogster-Dog breed, adoption, health and care information

A collection of rants and nothing of intellectual importance

Denali Summit
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Nicholas Bryan Quick

Hello, my name is Nick!  I was born in Knik, Alaska along the Iditarod Trail.  I am part husky and part hound. I used to run Iditarod dog sled races when not training to race but now I am retired.

That is me on the right.  Some people call me Nick of Knik, Nick B. Quick, or Nick Quick.

Here are some things about me:

Favorite Food/Treats: Bacon fried crispy would be number one. 

Pet peeve: Ravens stealing my food.

Things I have learned: Barking sometimes just won't get the job done.

Why I'm better than a kid:

1.  It doesn't take me 45 minutes to get ready to go outside in the winter.  2.  I never resist nap time  3.  You don't need to go get an extra cell phone for me  4.  You don't have to send me to college  5.  I will never get embarrassed of you in public  6.  I eat less than a kid  7.  I come when called  8.  I don't smoke or drink  9.  I don't need new clothes  10.  I never ask to borrow the car or anything for that matter.

Hello, I am Nick